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Boost Your Credibility with a .blog Domain Name

We’re excited to have GoDaddy as a BYBC 2017 sponsor and they’ve put together this great article about the benefits of a .blog domain name. Make sure you stop by and see them at the conference!

In today’s world, it’s all too easy to forget that readers on the other end of the internet are more than binary numbers and statistics — they’re people. Real people with real needs who, on some level, appreciate engagement and honest interaction. That’s where blogging comes in.

A personal, relatable blog (regardless of your niche) makes you that much more accessible. But the question is, does your tribe know you exist? Or can they pick you out of the millions of other bloggers on the internet? If you want to stand out in a world that’s teeming with fellow writers, you’ll first need to secure a killer domain name.

The benefits of using .blog

You’re a blogger — you already understand the importance of blogging. Increased traffic to your site. Stronger relationships with your customers and readership. Expanded awareness. But simply knowing the benefits doesn’t mean they’ll automatically happen. And that’s where securing a .blog domain comes in.

Immediate recognition

Whether you’ve already established a strong brand or are just starting out, it’s important to have a website that immediately speaks to its contents. The benefit of using is exactly that — instant recognition.

There are more than one billion websites online today. That’s an insurmountable number for even the most avid internet surfers, so give your followers a break. Signify your online intentions with a .blog name that stands out from the crowd. Your readers will appreciate the heads-up.

Strong, relatable name

Because .blog is relatively new to the market, you’ll have more opportunities for finding a name that speaks to your online identity. We’ve all seen the mouthful domains — they often have more hyphens than words, or they’re so long they’re impossible to remember. Why would you want to sacrifice potential readership and visibility by sticking to some of the older extensions?

By using a .blog domain name, you’ll open yourself to more possibilities:



You catch my drift. Shorter, more memorable domain names are always the way to go. And get this — even if you already own a domain name or website, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your current following. Snag a .blog and anchor it specifically to the blog portion of your site. Talk about brand protection and increased awareness.

Trusted resource

As bloggers, you understand what it means to be a trusted resource. Your followers come to you for information. They trust what you have to say, and they place value on your words. And if I’m browsing for information, I’m going to be drawn to a blog touting deets about the ins and outs of my preferred subject.

Pro tip: Attaching a .blog domain to your site makes it that much more reputable.

If I’m looking for fashion advice, I’m going to Plain and simple. Why? Because I know she’s serious. I know she cares enough about the articles she’s crafting to make it glaringly apparent that her blog is the place to go. A strong domain name is like an open sign on the front of a store — turn it on, and people come callin’.

Grab a .blog today

Blogging is a no-brainer. And so is securing a .blog domain name. Immediate recognition, strong name, trusted resource, and a whole lot of happy readers. Even if you’re new to the blogosphere, start off strong. Host your blog on a well-built WordPress Website and tie a killer domain name to your platform. You won’t regret it.

Bio: Maxym Martineau is a copy editor and staff writer for GoDaddy. She’s an avid reader with an unhealthy addiction to Dr. Pepper and chocolate. She binge watches TV shows like there’s no tomorrow and is always up for a good plot discussion. You can follow her on Twitter @maxymmckay for further shenanigans.

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