We are so excited to introduce you to our fabulous speakers for 
Build Your Blog Conference 2014!
They are all experts in their field and will provide you with heaps of information to help you build your blog!

Keynote Speaker

Meg Johnson is a motivational speaker, author, artist, teacher, non-profit founder, and extreme tuna fish eater.  Meg was in a hiking accident where she broke her femurs, arms, collar bone, and neck. The arms and legs healed, but Meg's broken neck rendered her a C-7 quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down and without the use of her hands. 
Though Meg lost most of her abilities, she found her passion as she struggles to keep moving forward despite her inability to walk. Meg now speaks on her motto, which, she says, is applicable for people of all abilities: When life gets too hard to stand, just keep on rollin'! 

Blog: http://www.megjohnsonspeaks.com/index.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/megjohnson82/about
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mjohnsonspeaks

Other Speakers

In February 2011, we started our blog Six Sisters' Stuff. After years of living close to one another, we were being pulled in many different directions- one sister moved to the West coast, another sister followed her husband to medical school, one moved away to college, and another sister had just lost a baby. We needed each other now more than ever and we used our blog as a way to stay in touch.  Fast forward two and a half years later and they now receive over hundreds of thousands of pageviews on their site each day.  In 2013, they released a cookbook, created a new recipe sharing website called MyRecipeMagic.com, and had their first annual Build Your Blog Conference, and are continuing to grow in our readership each day.  

Cassity is a wife, mother of 2 girls, and blogger at Remodelaholic.com.  Blogging since 2007 has been a fun adventure that has taken their family in a whole new direction of self employment for both she and her husband.   They love what they do and love sharing about it to help readers with their home remodeling adventures.  

Wife, mom of 5, blogger, and former preschool teacher, Stephanie Dulgarian has a passion to create and inspire. On her blog, Somewhat Simple, Stephanie and her team share simple ideas for the home and family- DIY crafts, design projects, family-friendly recipes,  and more! Since its launch in 2009, Somewhat Simple has developed into an active online community and become a favorite source of creative inspiration for thousands of daily readers.  

Dave Guymon is a connected educator, host of the Take 5 podcast, and author of If You Can'tFail, It Doesn't Count. From Idaho Falls, Idaho, Dave connects with people all around the world on a daily basis by using Twitter to effectively engage others in conversations and collaborative projects. As a result his online presence with Twitter, Dave has presented to audiences and taught multiple development sessions on leveraging Twitter to build a personal learning network and advance your personal brand. He is a husband, father, and iPhone ninja.

A self proclaimed neat freak and home decor junkie, Shelley Smith has invested over 3 years cultivating her rapidly growing home DIY and lifestyle blog, thehouseofsmiths.com. Shelley and her husband Cason have worked hard to find fun, new, innovative ways to update, organize and decorate their space - documenting their progress with informative tutorials and how-to's along the way - earning them the respect of hundreds of thousands of readers. 

Kristen Duke brings photography and DIY projects together in her creative and colorful blog,Capturing Joy. Written from her bright yellow desk in her home in Austin, Texas, Kristen shows readers the happy side of raising a family, photography, fanciful parties, yummy desserts and home projects. A mother of 4, Kristen loves to see moms on both sides of the camera lens: snapping pictures and getting in the photos with their kids. She helps readers take their family snapshots to the next level with her photography books (SayNO to Auto and Get Focused!) and showcases how to decorate with pictures in an ongoing series. Kristen carries her camera everywhere, loves her hot pink jeans and never turns down white chocolate chip cookies.

Tara Carson is the founder and owner of the popular website, The Dating Divas. The team behind this inspirational site is comprised of a group of outrageously fun and outgoing women who LOVE being married and want their excitement to spread to couples everywhere. It takes a lot of strategizing, planning, & organizing to run a blog let alone manage a team this large! Tara is spilling the beans on how her team is able to do it all – run a website, produce amazing e-books, wipe runny noses, give out hugs, keep the romance alive with their men, while continuously coming up with new ideas to help others. It IS possible to have it all & she'll show you how!

Jill Nystul is the creative force behind the blog “One Good Thing by Jillee”. She launched her site in 2011 on a simple premise – to sort through the clutter of life and share one good thing with her readers each day. Millions of people now look to “Jillee” each month for tips on living a more frugal and healthy life. Jill especially loves to show her readers how to "stick it to the man" by DIY'ing everything from laundry detergent to toothpaste.  The success of her blog lead to a deal with Putnam Books to publish a book about her life and blog that will be available Mothers Day 2014. She is a 2013 Parent’s Magazine Blog Award Winner. 

Mindy McKnight is a full time wife and mother to her six beautiful children.  With her creative genius for braided hairstyles, she launched the highly successful CuteGirlsHairstyles website in late 2008 and her YouTube channel a year later.  While her hairstyle tutorials started as a simple hobby, Mindy and her husband Shaun now work together in their full-fledged family business.  Their site has been viewed over 220 million times in nearly every country worldwide. Mindy is currently ranked as one of the Top Women on YouTube with over 1.5 million subscribers and 12,000,000 video views per month.  Mindy's channel also won YouTube's "On The Rise" contest in May 2011 and has received local, national, and global attention through various media outlet - including appearances on Good Things Utah, ABCNews' 20/20, TODAY, Anderson {Cooper} daytime talk show, and a feature in Women's World Magazine. Mindy is also a content provider for Disney Style and Babble.com.

After 10 years in the media industry, Brooke Walker knows the power of a strong story. She is the host and executive producer of “Studio 5 with Brooke Walker,” a daily lifestyle show on KSL-TV in Salt Lake City, and a member of the award-winning KSL News Team. Brooke loves helping women get their brands, ideas and businesses noticed and has partnered with the other half of her brain, Michelle Torsak, to launch Quote, a modern day branding company.

Michelle Torsak has a passion for telling stories that get heard. As the Vice President of Programming for KSL Television, she created and produced Studio 5, where she learned the ups and downs of building a brand from the ground up. In June 2013 she left her career at KSL to try her hand at digital storytelling as the Content Director for LDS.org. She loves helping women get their brands, ideas, and businesses noticed and has partnered with the other half of her brain, Brooke Walker, to launch Quote, a modern day branding company.

Jesse Stay, "The Social Geek", has written 6 books, helped design some of the top apps on Facebook through his specialty of "social design" and "growth hacking", and has consulted and worked for multi-national organizations and companies including Facebook, Inc. itself to help them improve their marketing and social media strategies. He has tripled traffic on websites through Google+ authorship and integration strategy, and performed similar for other clients using his special "hub and spoke" technique of social presence strategy. In his books, blogs, webinars, and coaching, Jesse teaches his audiences that anyone can be a marketer. He has since been recognized as one of the top 20 developers to follow on Twitter by Mashable next to Jack Dorsey, and top 10 entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter by Mashable and Entrepreneur magazine next to Ev Williams, Biz Stone, and Guy Kawasaki.
Jesse now speaks internationally, writes books, performs webinars and coaches for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to take their marketing to that next level using social media and other techniques. Through his new program, "Everyone a Marketer", Jesse shows his clients that anyone can be a marketer, and he can help you grow audiences and revenue through those audiences as well! 

 Larry’s biggest claim to fame is he is the father of six daughters – yep, “the”Six Sisters. When the sisters started the blog they came to him for computer advice and how to build the blog and the rest is history.  His background is many years of computers, financial advising, teaching and business.  He will be sharing the things we have learned and how to get the money flowing from your blog. 

Envolve Agency has managed numerous social channels for small to large sized businesses for the past two years. They understand the value of quality content and also strategic timing of posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. This class will show you the tools and techniques we have used over the past 24 months to get our clients the highest engagement and reach possible through social media.
We will explain to you the massive changes in Facebook and the causes behind why your reach is diminishing day after day. Finally we will explain what Envolve is creating to help bloggers with publishing ads, understanding analytics, and scheduling posts on social channels.

Kevin Hill - Bio
Kevin Hill is one of the managing partners of Envolve Agency LLC is a father of 3 boys (Braxton, Jace and Tim) and the husband of Genevieve (BeingGenevieve.com). He has an undergraduate degree in Business Marketing and a MBA in Design Thinking.  With over 16 years experience in web development and online marketing - Kevin has helped a lot of businesses and individuals grow their online presence and influence. He has a passion for photography and good food - especially of smoked meats. Kevin truly appreciates the massive influence bloggers have on the world and dedicates a great deal of time working with his wife’s blog along with the Six Sister’s and My Recipe Magic.

Nathan Putnam - Bio
Nathan holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Utah State University where he was President of both The Consulting Group and The MBA Association. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and finds fulfillment in building value in relationships. While at Utah State he founded Envolve Agency and has been it’s CEO since it’s launch in 2012. Prior to returning to for Grad School he worked in both sales and marketing for Konica Minolta and more recently ZAGG Inc.
Nathan is married to his amazing wife Monique. They have two rad children, Haven(6) and Jack(3), and they live happily in Syracuse Ut.