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BYBC 2016 Class Sessions

Friday Sessions

Friday, Session One
Class Title Expert Level Teacher(s)
How to Build an Unforgettable Brand – the Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Sparkle Intermediate Tyson and Danielle Davis
Do More in 24 All Jill Swensen
How to Successfully Rebrand Your Blog and Keep Your Sanity (and Readers!) Intact Beginning Carrisa Bonham
 The Top 10 Visual Design Secrets to Keep ‘Em Coming Back Advanced  Lisa Larson-Kelley
Friday, Session Two
Class Title Expert Level Teacher(s)
Expert Sponsored Posts Intermediate Jyl Pattee
View Your Blog Like a Startup – How to Make a Full-time Income Blogging
All John Huntinghouse
 The Three Best Things That We Did For Our Blog…and The Three Worst! Beginning Sheri, Debbie and Tracy
What Can I Do With All This Traffic. Pushing Success to the Next Level. Advanced Six Sisters
Friday, Session Three
Class Title Expert Level Teacher(s)
 Are You Ready for Shark Tank? Advanced Dan Morris, Rachel Martin
It Takes a Village to Raise a Blog, Building Your Blog Community All Mandy Beyeler
 Maximizing Your Email Marketing with Advanced Tools Advanced Darin Adams
 Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to Make a Full-Time Income, With a Part-Time Blog Intermediate Jordan Page

Saturday Sessions

Saturday, Session Four
Class Title Expert Level Teacher(s)
 Tips to prevent your spouse and children from resenting your blogging addiction pursuit All Tim Rarick and Rob Stewart
 Top 10 video marketing tactics to blow up your follower engagement All Matt Cherry
Increase Your Pageviews By Getting Organized
Intermediate Allison Miller
Evolving Your Content Through Mutation Marketing All Stuart Derman
Saturday, Session Five
Class Title Expert Level Teacher(s)
Building Your Facebook Community Intermediate  Jamie Harrington
Working with Brands – From the Brand’s Perspective All A Panel of Brand Representatives
The Power of Viral All Rachel Miller
Digging Deep Into Pinterest
Advanced Kate Ahl
Saturday, Session Six
Class Title Expert Level Teacher(s)
Using Email Lists, Facebook Ads and Instagram for Quick Income Advanced Greg Marshall
How to Work with Travel Brands All LiLing Pang
Periscope Intermediate Marissa Cummings
  Social Media in the Beginning  Beginning  Six Sisters Stuff