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Practical Analytics


Feeling stuck in blogging and wish someone would tell you what you do? The answer is in your data! We’ll cover five blog growing strategies and how to use analytics to grow your blog from a pumpkin into a coach.

Join JoAnn Crohn of Whimsical in her class – Practical Analytics: Using Data as your Blog’s Fairy Godmother to finally understand your analytics.

JoAnn Crohn runs Whimsicle ( where she helps moms raise kids and stay sane. After spending four years in the entertainment industry and five years as an elementary school teacher, she now uses her skills from both worlds to help women dress confidently and keep their cool while parenting.
Her work has been featured on Mind.Body.Green, Living Well Spending Less and she is a monthly on-air contributor to the Phoenix area ABC show, “Arizona Midday”.
She lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband and two children. When not working, she enjoys reading historical fiction & mystery, going to barre classes and running her daughter’s Girl Scout troop.
Join us in welcoming JoAnn, her class is going to be amazing.

Posted January 18, 2017 in: Blog Conference, blogger, Blogging by Larry Adamson