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Introducing Saturday Morning Keynote Justin Hatch

Justin is an inspiring public speaker sharing his life experiences and how he has taken control of his attitude and life to accomplish his dreams. He has set out to help the world of bloggers and small businesses to create viable, sustainable businesses. The world of blogging can be a roller coaster of emotion and excitement. Focusing on a few basic steps can make all the difference to the successfulness of your venture. Join him on Saturday to start making your dreams a reality.
Justin is a serial entrepreneur and business growth specialist. As the founder of PPW Ltd. a construction company, he led the company successfully for 6 years and had an excellent team. He was recruited to Profire Energy as the VP of Operations, where the company grew to a market value of over $300 million.

In 2015, Justin left Profire and created Startegy.  Built for entrepreneurs, this financial forecasting solution allows business owners to have complete visibility into their finances at the touch of a button. Small business owners can now make important growth decisions and be on a level financial playing field with enterprise companies.

Justin and his wife have four wonderful children. He’s an outdoors guy but loves long surfs on the internet. His goal in life is to always be creating awesome experiences with his family and to create lasting value to the entrepreneurs of the world.

We are so excited to have Justin speak to us and cannot wait to learn from him!


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