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Introducing Our BYBC 2017 Event Managers!

Hello!  We’re so happy you’re here today.  We’re excited to share some information on Build Your Blog Conference 2017 with you today.

If you attended BYBC 2016 you hopefully remember the amazing After Party hosted by The Housewives of Riverton.  We had such a great time and they did a wonderful job putting the whole evening together.


We’re happy to announce that The Housewives of Riverton will be our Event Managers for BYBC 2017!
Jenn Crookston, Paula Iniguez, and Angela Crookston make up The Housewives of Riverton, they’ve been blogging since 2011 (although they maintain they didn’t start taking it too seriously until about mid-2014).  Jenn and Paula have attended every BYBC and Angela has attended the last two years.  They are well aware of the standard of conference BYBC has been and are ready to meet and exceed that standard in 2017.
While Monumetric continues to own BYBC and will continue to be involved every step of the way The Housewives of Riverton will be handling much of the day to day conference preparation.  You are welcome to reach out to them at any time at with any questions or ideas.


In case you don’t already know The Housewives here’s a quick introduction to them.  Left to right is Paula, Jenn, and Angela.  Between them they have 16 children with one on the way.  They blog at where they love to share recipes, DIY projects, travel tips, home renovations, crafts, party decor ideas, sewing projects, and a glimpse into their day to day lives.

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