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BYBC 2016 Recap!



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What an amazing conference!

Being surrounded by such lovely, talented people for 2 days straight has left us feeling energized and excited about what’s to come!  We hope that after listening to inspiring speakers, sharing tips with each other, and dancing through the night, you will walk away ready to accomplish and surpass your goals for 2016!  We can’t wait to see where this year takes you!

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors who spoiled us rotten, the Housewives of Riverton for throwing us the party of the year, and to the many brands who donated amazing prizes like the CAR from Ken Garff!  Congrats to Shari from Sincerely Jean who walked (or shall I say DROVE) away with a new car!


It was the conference of our dreams and the best part about the whole thig was YOU GUYS!  You are a truly a phenomenal bunch!  I think we learned more from you than you than you did from us.  Something really stuck out to us this year and that is the power of this group.  We came together to learn, grow and SHARE with each other.  We watched you guys connect before the conference through our Facebook group, come together as new friends and old to learn and grow from each other, share the secrets to your success, and now we are seeing you work together to help build each other up!  The opportunities are endless and we can’t wait to see where this group of amazing bloggers goes this year.  This really did feel like a conference full of friends and it was impressive to watch!  Next year will be even more powerful and we can’t wait!

BYBC 2016 Photos!

Check out our Flickr account to flip through the fun photos taken by our photographer Brent Uberty from BW productions.  I promise you will giggle more than once flipping through these photos 🙂 Feel free to share them wherever you’d like, we just ask that you please credit Build Your Blog Conference when you share.  Thanks guys!

Share Your BYBC 2016 Story!

We want to hear your thoughts on the conference!  Hopefully, you filled out the survey we sent via email.  We are working on a BYBC 2016 story roundup and we want to include your story!  If you posted about the conference on your blog, send us the link!  If you just want to send me your story and a few photos, you can do that too!  Email all links and stories to

Thank you for making this conference truly heavenly!


 See you all next year! 

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