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Heels vs. Sneakers.. The Ultimate Blogger Dilemma!

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Deciding what to wear is every girls worst nightmare!  And trying to choose something to wear to a blogger conference is even WORSE!  Here are a few tips to help you  when you are packing up for Build Your Blog Conference this year:

#1- If you aren’t local, just know that it is FREEZING here in Utah!  Bring a heavy jacket and warm shoes to wear outside.

#2- The class rooms are large and can get chilly at times.  There’s nothing worse than trying to learn something new when you are chilled to the bone, so bring a light cardigan or sweater to throw on during classes.

#3- Wear something you are comfortable in.  We are packing these days FULL of as much learning as we can offer, which makes for a couple very long (but super fun and productive) days!  You’ll want to wear something that will be comfy for long hours!

#4- Keep in mind that you will be networking with other bloggers and meeting new brands who may want to work with you!  Try to make a good first impression by looking professional and polished.  You don’t need to pack up your best suit or anything like that!  This is a casual conference, but just keep in mind that you want to make a good first impression!

#5- Last year the after party was a formal Gala.  This year we want it to be a big fun party!  Wear what you would  to a party! If you like sparkles and heels, WEAR IT! If you’re looking for a reason to wear a party dress, DO IT!!! If you are more of a jeans and tennis shoes type person, WEAR THAT! We want you to be comfortable, so there’s no real dress code, just wear what you want to party in!  The most important thing is that you have FUN and show up because

Here’s a closer look at the schedule so you can plan your days accordingly.  Ultimately, you could show up in slippers and a robe and still walk away from this conference with ton of new knowledge, friends, and ideas for your blog.  It really does not matter what you wear, but hopefully these tips will help make the horrible task of choosing what to wear bearable.


Posted February 03, 2016 in: Uncategorized by Chelsea Carver