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4 Things Great Bloggers Do Every Day

Blogging is a lot of work. There’s no such thing as an overnight success just like there’s no such thing as an overnight house-trained dog or a raising a responsible child overnight. Blogging takes one day at a time and you will fail times before you see some success. Trying not to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s the truth. Blogging has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, other than being a parent and trying to juggle both. Ok, so blogging is hard. So what are we going to do about it? Well, I was thinking the other day as I was down because my blog wasn’t doing as well as I wanted it to do and I was in some need of inspiration. The thought came to me, “I wonder what great bloggers do everyday to be successful?” I belong to some blogging support groups on Facebook and I threw out the question, “What are some of the things you do everyday to be a successful blogger?” The majority of responses were things that I’ve heard before, but they were powerful, and plus it was a great reminder of what we, as bloggers, should be doing every day.

1. Give Back

I strongly believe in Karma and by doing good you’ll receive good back. If you haven’t read or watched the movie, The Secret, it’s a must! One thing I’ve noticed that most successful bloggers tend to be very generous with their time, knowledge, and they pay it forward. A couple months ago I reached out to a very successful business woman who is very well known. I had a business idea but I had no idea what to do with it and needed some wisdom. I knew she would be the perfect person to ask. As I emailed her I tried not to give myself to much high expectations because I knew she was extremely busy and the thought of getting a response was one in million chance. To my surprise she responded back to me and the best part she wanted to meet with me!! WHAT THE WHAT?! I was freaking out. I met her at her office and she spent over 45 minutes listening to my idea, giving me some advice, asking me questions, and letting me ask her questions. I was so touched that she would take the time out of her busy day to talk to a nobody about a business idea. It made me realize that I need to help others more. So I set aside a hour everyday commenting, pinning, and featuring other bloggers. It’s people like this that are successful because they give back and because they do, they get good in return. If you can’t meet with people and give them business advice you can do it in other ways like, help promote others, give people shout outs on your social media, feature other bloggers work, and support others by attending their event or speaking kind about others. Karma is real people.

2. Stay Organized

I recently attended a blogging conference called SNAP and one of the classes I attended talked about how to gain more traffic to your site. It was taught by some powerful bloggers and one of them Kristyn from Lil’ Luna talked about #1 thing she attributes to her blogging success is staying organized. She even showed us an example of the spreadsheet she keeps updated to help her stay on top of what she needs to do. I remember her saying that time is so precious to her because she doesn’t have a lot of it. She has four kids, is a wife, has hobbies, friends, and of course her blog. It took her a long time to figure out how to stay organized for herself, but once she did, she’s been able to able to find a more balance life between blogging and motherhood. By staying organized you won’t waste time, and you’ll use your time efficiently. Recently, I’ve had to have a heart to heart with myself about how I felt like I was never able to get anything done in the day when it came to my blogging duties. One of the thorns in my side was the dozens of blogging Facebook groups I belong to. They were becoming overwhelming and I was never able to efficiently use them to help me grow my blog. So I took a whole entire day, went through each of the groups I belong to, checked them out to, see if I could meet the demands of each of them, and if I had questions about the rules, I’d ask them. I decided to keep a spreadsheet of each of the groups and categorize them into what their purpose was: for blog promotion, for networking/learning, and for giveaway promotions. And so when I’m trying to promote a post of mine through these FB groups I know which category is going to be the one I will need to go through. This alone has saved me so much time so I can accomplish other things I need to do.

3. Set Goals

No one gets anywhere in life without having goals and having a strategy to achieving them. I read this amazing book called, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode from Crystal Paine, she’s the frugal blogger from MoneySavingMom.com. In her book she talks about how she was living a life where she was exhausted, overwhelmed, and wasn’t seeing any results in some areas in her life. She realized that to become what she wanted to be, she had to set attainable goals, where she could keep herself on track so she could achieve her goals. To do this she sets daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Every day when she woke up she would go into her bathroom and on her mirror she taped a copy of her goals, and by doing this she was constantly reminded of what she needs to do that day to get closer to those goals. If your goal is to have 300,000 Facebook followers or to make $1,000 from your blog each month, write those down and look at them every day and make sure you’re doing things that are going to bring you closer to those goals. The other key aspect to keeping and reaching your goals is to never give up. Yes, you will have road blocks to your road to blogging success, but you got to remember to never give up, and always be doing everything you can to learn and better yourself and your blog.

4. Create Meaningful Content

Ok, everyone and their dog has heard of this one, but it’s so important. The content you write is a direct reflection of you and your blog. So I would say one of the most important things bloggers can do is make sure their content is meaningful, original, and powerful. That doesn’t mean you can’t write about topics that have already been covered, but use your distinct individual voice and opinions to show readers a different way of doing things or cast a new light on a topic. Some of the most successful bloggers I love to read and follow have a very distinct voice and they exude passion for what they like to write about. Meaningful content means different things to people. You might love cats and dressing them up, yeah some people might not be into that, but if it’s important to you and if you feel passionate about it, write about it! I’m sure there’s someone else out in the world who loves dressing up cats in cute clothing that’s really important to them too. It’s common to feel afraid that people will reject you or your content. I think that’s one of the hardest things about blogging is your literally putting yourself out there. Yes, you might have people leave rude or nasty comments on your blog, and yes, you might find people might not like you or your blog, but don’t worry. Don’t let those haters tear you down and don’t change you to impersonate someone else. Be yourself. That’s the most valuable thing you can offer to your readers is being 100% you. Another thought I think important to mention is that quality of content is so much more important than quantity. It’s a lot like friends; I’d rather have two very close friends, than have 40 semi close friends. Have this same mentality when it comes to your content. One time it took me three weeks to write a particular blog post. I didn’t want to p
ost it until it was PERFECT. And every day for three weeks I researched and edited that post until I was 100% proud of it. To this day it’s my most viewed post on my blog. My sisters and I have made this our #1 goal for this year. We cut down the amount of times were posting so we could increase our quality. So far, it’s been the best thing for us and our blog because our posts have more reach and we don’t post as often. It’s a win-win for us. These are obviously only 4 of probably hundreds of things that successful bloggers do everyday. We would really love your opinions and some of your best tips on what power-bloggers do everyday. Leave some comments below.

  Written by Courtney Killpack. Courtney is the social media manager for Build Your Blog Conference and The Six Sister’s Stuff recipe sharing website My Recipe Magic, and for The Blogger Network. She also blogs with her two redheaded sisters on their lifestyle blog called Fry Sauce and Grits

Posted June 17, 2014 in: Blogging by Kyle Ivins

  1. As a new blogger i really appreciate the advice. I can already recognise one or two pitfalls i’m in danger of falling into. It’s great to Read the thoughts oF someone more experienced than me. Thanks for the help.

    Caroline @ Living and teaching abroad, November 18, 2014 at 6:02 pm
  2. What a great list – this pretty much sums up my goals for 2015. I want to focus on building a quality blog i am proud of with a positive internet presence. I think it is so important to be kind and to give back – the blogging community is amazing and generous, to be a part of that community you need to be amazing and generous too. Thanks for a great list.

    Krystal, January 5, 2015 at 11:56 pm