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What is Pinterest’s New “Guided Search” Feature and What Does it Mean for Your Pins?

Pinterest recently rolled out their new search feature called “Guided Search” and is currently only out on mobile devices. This feature will soon be available across all of Pinterest, but what does “Guided Search” mean and why should you care?

Well, it means that there are a lot of pins out there now, so users need to be able to better peruse this plethora of pins (allegory anyone?).  Here’s a look at how the new Pinterest search feature works.

Upon searching for whatever you’re looking for, a sliding set of boxes show up at the top of the screen and offers categories to better define what you’re looking for. Once you pick your category it shows up as a secondary tag to your original search.
Photo credit: Pinterest
How will this affect my pins? Well, this feature is actually really awesome, it will make your most relevant pins easier to be found, but there’s a lynch-pin. It relies heavily on your Pinterest captions to work. Pinterest is pulling the hefty majority of this information from your Pinterest captions to decide what category to place your pin in so appropriate descriptions are now more crucial than ever to growing your following.
What we recommend. First, figure out what your categories are and caption accordingly. To figure out what your categories are, type into the search bar the most general term(s) you could describe your content as. For example: Fashion, DIY or recipes. Next, write down all the category options that appear under that search. From now on, include those exactly-worded terms when you caption your pins. For best results, go into some of your older, most popular pins and enhance any descriptions to include these keywords where it is relevant and appropriate. This will ensure your pins appear in the correct categories making you easier to find for your right audience.
[We would also recommend re-pinning these pins once the description has been edited just for good measure. DO NOT DELETE THE OLD VERSIONS OF THE PIN THOUGH.]
Bonus Information: This shift in Pinterest’s strategy tells us that people are searching Pinterest more than we think they are. Now, Pinterest is freely showing you what terms people can use, and are using to find your content. This then also gives us a clue of what people are searching on Google to find you. So next time you’re decided on how to title your next blog post. Include these category keywords to bump up your SEO juices.
Happy pinning!

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Posted May 30, 2014 in: Blogging, pinning, Pinterest by Kyle Ivins