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How to Achieve World Domination, One Tweet at a Time Class Recap

If you weren’t one of the lucky or privileged ones to attend Dave Guymon’s class, you really missed out.  It was really funny and he is a character.  In his class he talks about how to leverage the second largest social media network to drive traffic to your blog, Twitter do’s and don’ts, how to gain engaged followers, lead constructive conversations, and build relationships with potential sponsors.  So let’s get started!

The three keys to a successful Tweet:

-mention someone
-relative hashtags
-keep message to 140 characters or less

Dave showed us what not to do on of tweeting and used some big celebrities as examples.  This was hilarious and I couldn’t believe some of the things these people were tweeting. Here’s one of my favorite’s:

The next thing he talked about are the things you should include in your tweets: 

1. Your blog post taglines and links to your post and do it multiple times a day.  The Twitter feed goes really fast so to capture a wide audience Dave recommends you tweet different versions of the same post throughout the day.

2. Mention others to create relationships and to spark a conversation or action. Try to mention others in your tweets will not only help you to create new friendships, but will help you to start meaningful conversations with others.  If you’re mentioned by someone you’re a lot more likely to retweet and share with your readers.  Make sure to always tweet quality content on Twitter. 
3. Mention companies and brand names in a natural way.  If you did a project where you painted your master bedroom and really enjoyed using the paint, then tweet about how you enjoyed using their product and make sure to mention the company.  This can help you to build lasting relationships with them and can potentially land you a collaboration or sponsorship. 
4. Ask a thoughtful question to start a constructive conversation.  This will help you to get your followers to engage with you.  Make sure to respond and Retweet their response.

To listen to the audio recording of this amazingly informative and funny class and to read his presentation, go here to purchase all of the recordings of the 2014 Build Your Blog Conference.  

Written by Courtney Killpack.  Courtney is the social media manager for the Six Sisters’ Stuff annual Build Your Blog Conference and their recipe sharing website My Recipe Magic.  She also blogs with her two redheaded sisters on their lifestyle blog called Fry Sauce and Grits.  Between blogging, being a mom and a wife, she enjoys being active, writing about bras, anything Jane Austen, designing eclectic interior spaces, and eating cookie butter. 

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