Get to Know Our Speakers: Tara & Wendy from The Dating Divas

Hey Everyone!! It's Tara & Wendy from the website, The Dating Divas.
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On The Dating Divas website, we are all about creative ideas that will help strengthen our relationships. We started out as a group of friends who were determined NOT to become "boring old couples" who sat around and watched TV all day. We wanted to continue the honeymoon... so we decided to take turns coming up with SUPER creative, inexpensive, and fun date ideas that we could all try! Word soon spread, and more and more people started visiting our site. Saying it "snowballed from there" is an understatement! Anything to do with having a "happily ever after" is right up our alley and we began to share even MORE ideas on how to do JUST that to our rapidly growing audience! We currently blog about amazing & creative date ideas, fun gift ideas for our spouses, quick & easy romance ideas, CRAFTY tutorials, and MUCH, much more!! We even decided to share tips on how to look good for your man AND ideas on how to keep things HOT in a certain room… but you are gonna have to visit our website for THAT! {WINK!}
We are extremely thrilled to be speakers at this fabulous "Build Your Blog" Conference.
The Six Sisters' Stuff gals are some of our dearest friends in Blog Land - if you have met them in person, you can't HELP but fall in love with those bubbly ladies! You'll soon find out {if you haven't already} that making amazing friends in Blog Land is a must! We've sure lucked out in that department!
Let's chat about our presentation, shall we!?!
What if we were to tell you that it IS possible to have your cake and eat it, too?!? Ah... we see that we caught your attention, huh! Most bloggers initially start their blogs & websites because they are extremely passionate about something. Not too long after, they start to think, "How on EARTH do bloggers manage it all?" Family time, cleaning, quality SPOUSE time, church activities, work, helping children with homework, laundry, cleaning, meals, chauffeuring for children’s activities, did we mention CLEANING, … oh, and you want to fit BLOGGING in there somewhere? Eeks! The “age-old” {ok, ok... so not THAT old...} question of HOW do I manage it all? How does one balance everything in order to make sure FAMILY comes first but still run a successful website that actually contributes to the family income? We have a whole TEAM of women that help keep our site running, and you better believe we’ve come up with a system to manage everything. We’re still going strong three years later... without a DROP of drama! Crazy, right? You’d think if you had that many women together in one room, there would eventually be tears or hurt feelings, but we haven’t experienced any of that due to the system we have set up and the way we run things. We have SO many amazing tools, tricks, free online sources, and partnerships that we utilize to keep things running smoothly that both the team AND the solo blogger can use!
We’ve put together a JAM-PACKED and FUN presentation that will leave you feeling empowered and have you walking out the door ARMED with the knowledge of what it takes to balance it all. You'll be able to put together & immediately implement an "Action Plan" tailored to fit your schedule with the tools we give you. Like we said before, "You CAN have your cake & eat it too" and we’ll show you how!
We’ve attended collaboration and productivity classes at different Blogger Conventions to see if there was anything out there we were missing. We definitely learned new things, but we always walked away feeling a little dissatisfied. We liked a few of the things the speaker(s) had to say, but nothing truly rang a bell with us. We started on our “trial & error” stage which brings us to where we are today. Testing different strategies, throwing out the ones that didn’t work, and moving forward with those that DID. Our current system is SUPER smooth, eliminates drama, and is tailored to fit all of the women’s different schedules & personal lives in a way that works for them. In order to make sure our presentation covers the needs both team bloggers AND solo bloggers have, we reached out to some of our top-notch SOLO blogger friends who are making a living blogging. We asked THEM what system they have in place. Their responses were wonderful & surprisingly, a lot were similar to our methods. With their permission, we’re excited to share them in our presentation! Too many bloggers start blogging about their passion but then get burnt out too easily when they get overwhelmed with how much there is to do. We don't want YOU to become a statistic! We've got the tools to help you become successful! We’d like those who attend our class to walk away with these three KEY points:
#1) How to Set Up A Management System that WILL Be Successful #2) How to Become Organized & Tools to Help You STAY That Way #3) How to FUEL Your Blog’s Fire WithOUT Getting Burnt Out
We’ll also share tips, tricks, and “what we wish we would’ve known” advice from not only US - but top bloggers in Blog Land. Our hope is to inspire, motivate, empower, and educate those bloggers attending our presentation so that they are able to become successful bloggers without sacrificing precious family time!
We can't WAIT to meet all of you!
We'll see you soon at our "Fueling Your Blog’s Fire WithOUT Getting Burnt Out! {Tips, Tricks, & Ideas to Manage It All!}" Presentation!
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We asked Tara & Wendy some questions so you could get to know them better. Here's what they said:
1) Why do you start a blog? TARA - I am a hopeless romantic! I met my Mr. Right, we fell head-over-heels in love, and had a beautiful wedding! I quickly realized I didn’t want our honeymoon phase to end. I wanted to keep that passion alive and continue being that fun & adventurous couple we were while dating. I needed an endless supply of creative ideas to do just that… so I contacted my amazing friends & we started the website, The Dating Divas. Pretty much anything and everything you’d need to keep the spice alive in a marriage! We’ve recently added even MORE amazing “divas” to our Rockstar Team and are having the time of our lives courting our spouses & sharing our ideas with all of you! WENDY - I didn't start it, I just wanted to be a part of something incredible!! 2) How long have you been blogging? TARA - Three exciting, eventful, fun, trial-and-error, life-changing years! WENDY - Ahem*** 4 years with my personal. Hahaha, not so much that one anymore! 3) Who is your inspiration? TARA - I am blessed to have so many inspirational people in my life that actually choosing one is a hard task for me! Building a website & working so hard to reach as many marriages as possible, there are a lot of ups and downs. Learning HTML coding, figuring out Social Networking, spending hours on posts, taking beautiful photos – it’s a LOT of work & things don’t always go as planned. My husband, Jamie, has been my support and my rock through it all. He dries my tears, listens to my stressful rants, comes up with solutions, and is the reason I started this website in the first place. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to have accomplished what we have in the past 3 years. WENDY - All the cute little old people who hold hands and kiss all cutesy STILL after 50 years of marriage. Plus hearing about all the sad relationships too, makes me want to make mine that much better! 4) Hobbies other than blogging? TARA - I LOVE learning new things! {Not sure if that’s a hobby! LOL} How about what do ELSE do I enjoy besides blogging? I love photography, reading, creating new things, hanging with my girlfriends, laughing, dating my sweetheart, chocolate {I’m a total addict!!}, fashion, shopping, making others happy, cuddling with our Yorkie, and dreaming of ALL the fun adventures ahead of me!! WENDY - Being a mommy and wife. Love my family! They are my rock! I also love sports and being healthy. 5) What is one thing you wish you had known when you started your blog?TARA - Oh my HEAVENS! I don’t think you can pick just one! We have learned SO much over the years. I do wish that we would have monetized our website MUCH sooner! {Er.. or maybe I should say I wish we would have known HOW to make money a lot sooner!} It’s wonderful to be able to share your passion with the world, but what many people don’t realize is that there are expenses that go along with owning & running a website. We struggled the first year and a half until we actually started making money! We are starting to finally reap the rewards from all of our hard work and we are SO excited to see what comes next! WENDY - That it is hard, but so worth it. Changing people’s lives are a HUGE payment... just knowing we are helping someone in need. 6) Who is your celebrity crush? TARA -I truly don’t have one! {Scout’s Honor!} To me, they are just regular people who are hounded by the Paparazzi! My husband is the only one who can make my heart skip a beat. WENDY - Probably Matthew Mcconaughey. But my celebrity hubba-hubby is HOTT too!!! Last name being Jackman, he tells everyone he is Hugh Jackman's twin!

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