How to Blog as a Team: 5 Tips to Help You Succeed

I know that there are a lot of people out there who have wanted to start a blog but are afraid of doing it on their own.
Running a blog can be a lot of work because there are so many things to do- post on a regular basis, find and work on content to post about, share posts on social media networks, connect with other bloggers, connect with readers, answer questions, respond to emails, set up advertising, network with businesses, find giveaway sponsors . . . etc, etc. The list goes on and on!

However, we have the solution for that:
Team Blogging.

We have found that we can get so much more done by working as a team on our blog and we firmly believe that it was because we worked together that we have been able to help our blog grow so quickly. We will admit- there are times when working with more than one person can be hard, but we wanted to share 5 tips on how we have made blogging as a team work for us:

1. Have a common goal.
We try to meet at least once or twice a month (sometimes in person, sometimes via Skype) and we discuss what our goals for the blog are in the upcoming months. We keep an open mind and listen to each others' opinions and then decide what our goals will be. If we have a mutual vision, we each have an understanding of what our contribution needs to be and we are less likely to run into problems. We have learned that one of the biggest obstacles is a lack of communication; you have to be able to talk and share your opinions in order to make it work. Don't be afraid to speak up and share what you think, but also be willing to listen to others and what they feel is important.

2. Use the group's strengths and clearly define your roles.
On our team, each of us has strengths in certain areas. One sister is awesome at public relations, so we have her managing all our emails and communicating with advertisers and sponsors. Our dad is brilliant when it comes to the programming and business side of the blog, so that is his job. Some of us like to craft and so we are in charge of the weekly craft posts. One sister is good at organization, so it is her job to set-up the calendar and remind each of us of our assignments. Each person feels competent in what they are doing and they love what they do, which helps us reach our goals. When you assign jobs to each person on the team, make sure they know exactly what their responsibilities and boundaries are (because it can get ugly if someone oversteps their boundaries).

3. Be organized.
As was mentioned before, one of our sisters is in charge of our calendar and oversees who does what by when. We have each day assigned to a certain sister and it's their job to make sure that their post goes live on that day. Plan out in advance who will do what by when and stay on top of that schedule. If it helps, assign someone to be over the calendar (like we did) to help keep everyone else organized. By having a schedule and knowing when your deadlines are, everyone will be responsible for carrying their load of the work.

4. Be a cheerleader. :)
When you are working as a team, it is important to encourage and support each other (but you don't have to wear a short skirt and wave around pom poms). A team will only be as strong as their weakest link, so be supportive of each other. When a team is motivated by its members, it is able to stay sharp and focused and creative. Part of motivation is understanding the importance of each and every team member (including yourself) and making sure that the team appreciates each one. If a team member feels as if they are not part of the team, they are not going to perform--and that lack of performance can pass along to other members of the team. Cheer each other on and recognize each other when someone does something good for the team and/or for the blog.

5. Speak up if there is a problem- don't keep it inside.
Once again, we want to stress the importance of open communication. You have to talk about things, no matter how hard it is. Address immediately any issues that might cause problems for the team, but be sure to not attack one person in particular. If you see a problem, do not wait for someone else to speak up because it might only make the problem worse. It is possible that you are the only one who has realized that there is a problem at all and it is up to you to try to correct it. Keep the team in mind and things will work out.

Working as a team on our blog (and working as a family) has been an incredible blessing and so much fun. If I had to do it all over again, I would not change a thing.

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