Get to Know Our Speakers Series: Nisha from The Dating Divas and Healthy Mom's Kitchen

Did you know we have 9 more weeks until the Build Your Blog Conference?  We're so excited because we have AWESOME speakers who will be speaking at the conference.  Every week leading up to the conference we will be highlighting one of our speakers, we like to call it the "Get to Know Our Speakers Series."  We want you to get to know our speakers and get a sneak peek into what she'll be talking about at the conference.  This week we're featuring Nisha from Healthy Mom's Kitchen and The Dating Divas.  

Hello everyone, this is Nisha from Healthy Mom's Kitchen and The Dating Divas.  I'm looking forward to meet all of you who will be coming to the conference. I promise you it will be a day you won't want to miss out on!  I'll be speaking about the "The Ins-and-Outs of Blog Marketing and Business." During our time together, you'll learn how to create a loyal following that will support you in creating multiple streams of income (your blog being one of them).  This class is great for those men and women who enjoy their blog, but see it as a piece to the bigger picture of how they'll make a difference in this world.  You may be the person that doesn't get excited about the idea of racing after tons of traffic, but would rather create a smaller community of readers that you get to know well.  Get ready to think outside the box!

We asked Nisha some questions about herself:

1. Why did you start blogging? 

I started my blog, Healthy Mom's Kitchen to support mothers on a weight release journey, but struggling to do so in a family friendly way.  I was in the business of coaching women through this journey and our groups would meet weekly, in person.  I could see that these moms were overwhelmed and needed a virtual resource for family-friendly meals that would help them burn fat naturally.  It was at that time that I decided to jump into blogging to create that support piece for my clients.

2. How long have you been blogging?

 I was a casual blogger on my personal family blog since our daughter was born 6 years ago and since then have blogged for a number of companies.

3. Who is your inspiration?

 Oh....that would be a huge list.  I'm a bit of a "self-help junkie" and read lots of books, hire business coaches, and follow many inspiring people.  Some of my all-time favorites are Immaculee Ilibagiza, Jack Canfield, and Tiffany Peterson.

4. Hobbies other than blogging?  

Zumba, running with friends, game nights, and hanging out with my family.

5. What is one thing you wish you had know when you started your blog? 

 That it's okay to get paid for blogging and in fact, it's encouraged!  I can't tell you how frustrating it was for me to go to blog conferences in those early days of trying to learn the ropes and hearing over and over "don't blog for money!"  I get it - some people were selling out, so to speak, but I think it created a confused culture for a while because within a few years, you heard just the opposite - "don't blog for free!".  I wish in the beginning, standards would have been really clear about how to treat your blog as an integral piece to a bigger business - one that was profitable!

6. Who is your celebrity crush? 

 I'd say Paul Walker, he's pretty hot!

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