Build Your Blog Series: 5 Questions to Improve Blog Posts

Sometimes we get in the habit of writing a post, just to have a post. Have you ever had a post that didn't get much attention at all?

To avoid this from happening in the future, ask yourself these key questions with every post you write.

1. "How will this help my reader?" Rather than just writing about what is on your mind, think about what your readers want to hear. Think of ideas that are currently trending and play off of them. For example, if Christmas is coming up try to focus your post around tips or ideas that would help and inspire your readers.

2. "Will my title grab readers' attention?" When readers see your title, they make the decision then and there to continue reading your whole post. Often times, readers will see your title on a social media site. If your title is catchy enough, it will draw readers in and motivate them to go read your post.

3. "Does this post have one main topic?" Readers often get confused or distracted if you cover a variety of topics in one post. Any sub-points made in a post should relate to the main topic.

4. "Have I used proper formatting?" Using headings, subheadings, bold text and bullet points can help add visual interest to your posts. Making your post more attractive can also make it easier to read. Readers want posts that are organized and easy to understand.

5. "How will this help me?" Although you want to help your readers, you should set goals for your blog. Setting goals you want to reach will help you to track your progress. Allowing readers to leave comments on your posts will allow you to ensure that your post is benefiting them as well as yourself.

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